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Bentfield Primary School



Bentfield Primary School aspired to elevate their main hall's audio-visual experience to create a more engaging environment for presentations, assemblies, and movie nights. While their existing system functioned, it lacked the modern features, power, and user-friendliness needed to effectively captivate a large audience.

Solution: IT Support Services conducted a thorough needs assessment at Bentfield Primary School. They evaluated the hall's size, desired functionality, and budgetary constraints. Following discussions with school representatives, proposed a comprehensive AV upgrade.

Key Actions
  • High-Definition Projector: A projector with features like vibrant colours, exceptional clarity, and high lumen output for clear visuals even in bright conditions.

  • Motorized Screen: A user-friendly motorised screen strategically placed for optimal viewing angles throughout the hall.

  • Powerful Amplifier: A new amplifier to deliver clear, crisp audio, even when the hall is filled.

  • High-Quality Speakers: Strategically positioned speakers to ensure excellent sound dispersion throughout the hall.

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The Difference..........

We collaborated with Thomas Willingale School to assess their current device and print management setup, including devices, security, and printing infrastructure. Based on this assessment, we developed a tailored migration plan, encompassing:

Impact provided more than just equipment. Their skilled technicians ensure a seamless integration, maximising the impact of the upgraded AV system. This included:

  • Expert Selection: Recommending the ideal projector, amp, and speakers based on the hall's size and desired sound quality.

  • Flawless Installation: Strategically placing speakers for optimal sound dispersion and professionally installing the entire system.

  • System Calibration: Meticulously calibrating the projector and sound system for a balanced and immersive audio-visual experience.

By addressing these critical areas,'s solution empowered TWS to create a more efficient, secure, and scalable learning environment, allowing them to dedicate more resources to their core mission of educating and nurturing their students.


"'s expertise and professionalism made the entire upgrade process a breeze. The new AV system is a game-changer for our school events. Presentations are now more engaging, and the excellent sound quality ensures everyone in the hall can hear clearly," 

Bentfield Primary School now boasts a state-of-the-art AV system that elevates presentations, assemblies, and movie nights. The high-definition projector delivers captivating visuals, while the powerful amplifier and high-quality speakers ensure clear and engaging audio. The motorised screen adds a touch of convenience, allowing for effortless operation.

Looking to Modernise Your School's Hall AV System?

Contact IT Support Services today! We offer a comprehensive range of audio-visual solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

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