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Spellbrook Church of England Primary School (VC) is a small Primary School with just over a hundred pupils.

The school is located in the village of Spellbrook, between Sawbridgeworth and Bishop’s Stortford in East Hertfordshire and have close links with Great St Mary’s Church in Sawbridgeworth.

What The School Needed

Spellbrook School had and outdated a traditional server-based system, which was increasingly becoming costly to maintain, and unable to keep pace with evolving educational requirements. The school sought a comprehensive solution to modernise its IT infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and enhance collaboration and productivity among staff and students. 

What We Did For Them collaborated with Spellbrook School to transform its infrastructure into a modern, cloud-based ecosystem. The project focused on three key areas: migrating fully to Microsoft 365, adopting Microsoft Intune for device management, and transitioning to a serverless architecture. 

Migration to Microsoft 365: facilitated the seamless migration of Spellbrook School's email, document management, and collaboration systems to Microsoft 365. This transition gave the school a suite of cloud-based tools, including Microsoft Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. The migration ensured secure access to emails and files from any device and any location, enabling collaboration among staff and students.

Device Management with Microsoft Intune: To streamline device management and ensure optimal security, implemented Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based solution for mobile device management. Intune provided Spellbrook School with centralised control over device configurations, policies, and app installations. This enhanced management capability significantly reduced IT administrative overhead and improved device security and compliance.

Serverless Architecture: Using cloud computing to transform Spellbrook School's traditional server-based architecture into a serverless infrastructure. The school's applications and services could be developed and deployed without the need for managing underlying servers. This shift eliminated the costs associated with physical servers, increased scalability, and ensured high availability and fault tolerance.

Results & Benefits

The collaborative effort between Spellbrook School and revolutionising the school's IT infrastructure and enabling a more modernized and efficient learning environment.


Enhanced Collaboration: The adoption of Microsoft 365 tools, such as Teams and SharePoint, facilitated seamless collaboration among teachers, staff, and students, fostering effective communication and knowledge sharing.

Improved Productivity: With Microsoft 365's cloud-based solutions, staff and students gained access to their emails, files, and applications from any device, anywhere, resulting in increased productivity and flexibility. 

Streamlined Device Management: Microsoft Intune simplified device management, ensuring consistent configurations, enhanced security, and optimized app deployments across multiple platforms, reducing IT administrative burdens. 

Cost Optimisation: The transition to a serverless architecture eliminated the need for costly physical servers, reducing infrastructure and maintenance expenses while ensuring scalability and high availability. 

Scalability and Future-Proofing: The cloud-based infrastructure provided Spellbrook School with the flexibility to scale resources up or down based on demand, ensuring they could adapt to future growth and technological advancements seamlessly. 

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Through the expertise and guidance of, Spellbrook School successfully embraced cloud technology, migrating to Microsoft 365, adopting Microsoft Intune for device management, and transitioning to a serverless architecture. This transformation enabled the school to enhance collaboration, improve productivity, streamline device management, optimise costs, and future-proof its IT infrastructure.  
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