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This case study explores the successful collaboration between and NET Academies Trust, a multi-academy trust managing six primary schools.

The partnership aimed to centralise the network infrastructure, improve data storage and accessibility, enhance classroom interactivity, and facilitate a seamless wireless experience across all schools.


By implementing cloud-hosted Microsoft servers and Office 365, installing interactive panels, managing wireless connectivity, and introducing Chromebooks for students, NET Academies Trust achieved significant improvements in teaching and learning, administrative efficiency, and overall IT management. 

What The Trust Needed

The trust sought an IT support provider capable of transforming their network infrastructure, streamlining data storage, and fostering interactive learning environments. Prior to partnering with us, NET Academies Trust faced several challenges, including fragmented network systems, limited data accessibility, inadequate classroom technology, inconsistent wireless coverage, and a lack of standardised devices for students. ​

What We Did For Them

Centralised Network Infrastructure: We proposed a solution to centralise the network infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication and resource sharing across all schools. By deploying cloud-hosted Microsoft servers, the Trust gained improved stability, scalability, and redundancy. The centralised network allowed for efficient data management, simplified software updates, and enhanced collaboration among teachers, students, and administrators.

Office 365 for Data Storage: To address the issue of limited data accessibility, we implemented Office 365. This cloud-based platform enabled secure storage, easy access, and real-time collaboration on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Teachers and staff could now retrieve and share files from any location and any device, fostering a flexible and collaborative work environment. 

Interactive Panels for Enhanced Learning: We introduced interactive panels in classrooms to revolutionise the learning experience. These panels facilitated engaging and interactive lessons, allowing teachers to display multimedia content, annotate presentations, and promote student participation. By enabling dynamic and visual teaching methods, the interactive panels enhanced student engagement and knowledge retention. 

Wireless Network Management: We efficiently managed the wireless network across all six schools, ensuring reliable and consistent connectivity. We conducted a thorough wireless network assessment, implemented access points strategically, and optimised network configurations to eliminate dead zones. The improved wireless coverage allowed teachers and students to access online resources, collaborate seamlessly, and leverage technology in their daily activities. 

Chromebooks for Student Empowerment: Recognising the importance of standardised devices, we proposed the implementation of Chromebooks for students. These lightweight and affordable laptops provided students with personalised learning tools and access to a wide range of educational resources. Chromebooks also enabled teachers to deliver online assignments, track progress, and provide immediate feedback, promoting individualised and adaptive learning. 

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Results & Benefits

Academic Excellence: The IT transformation significantly contributed to academic excellence within NET Academies Trust. The interactive panels and Chromebooks fostered a more engaging and personalised learning experience, resulting in improved student motivation and achievement. 


Enhanced Administrative Efficiency: Centralised network infrastructure and Office 365 streamlined administrative tasks, enabling efficient data management, document sharing, and collaborative work among staff members. These improvements reduced paperwork and administrative burdens, allowing teachers and administrators to focus more on student-centric activities.

Seamless Wireless Connectivity: Our wireless network management eliminated connectivity issues, ensuring uninterrupted internet access for both teachers and students. This enhanced connectivity facilitated research, collaboration, and communication, enabling a more immersive and technology-driven learning environment.


Cost Savings: By leveraging cloud-hosted servers and Chromebooks, NET Academies Trust achieved cost savings in terms of hardware acquisition, maintenance, and software licensing. Additionally, centralised data storage reduced the need for physical storage devices and minimised the risk of data loss. 

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Our NET Academies Trust's partnership brought about a transformative IT infrastructure, empowering teachers, students, and administrators to embrace technology and elevate the quality of education. Through this collaboration, NET Academies Trust successfully created a technologically advanced educational environment, nurturing future-ready learners and positioning itself as a leader in primary education. 
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