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Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School aim to create an environment in which children feel safe, happy and secure. By creating a positive, friendly atmosphere we hope to enable children to learn with enthusiasm

In September, amidst nationwide concerns about Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) in school buildings, Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School found itself facing a daunting reality: immediate closure due to the presence of this potentially unsafe material. The school needed a reliable IT partner to swiftly establish a functional and efficient learning environment in temporary classrooms, minimising disruption to the education of its pupils.

Key Actions
  • Rapid Fibre Installation: DCAD prioritised establishing a robust internet connection by installing a dedicated fibre link to the temporary classrooms. This ensured high-speed bandwidth, crucial for supporting online learning resources and digital tools.

  • Efficient Wireless Network: A secure and reliable wireless network was implemented throughout the temporary space, providing seamless internet access for pupils and teachers. This facilitated mobility and collaborative learning, vital for fostering a sense of normalcy in the new environment.

  • Enhanced Communication: DCAD installed a phone system to ensure clear and uninterrupted communication within the school and with external parties. This minimised disruption to administrative tasks and maintained essential contact between teachers, parents, and staff.


What We Did For Them

Solution: rose to the challenge, partnering with the Department for Education (DfE) to provide comprehensive IT support during this critical period. Recognising the urgency of the situation, DCAD's team focused on delivering a seamless IT setup in the new temporary location.

  • Uninterrupted Internet Access: The high-speed fibre connection supported online learning platforms, digital resources, and research activities without internet delays, crucial for minimising learning disruptions.

  • Improved Communication: The phone system facilitated smooth communication between teachers, pupils, parents, and staff, ensuring efficient school operations and maintaining a sense of community during a challenging time.


DCAD's successful IT implementation played a pivotal role in minimising disruption to the school's academic progress during a period of significant upheaval. The new technology infrastructure:

  • Maintained Educational Continuity: Pupils experienced minimal disruption to their learning, ensuring consistent academic progress despite the relocation.

  • Supported Diverse Learning Styles: Interactive whiteboards catered to varied learning needs, promoting inclusivity and engagement for all pupils.

  • Communication and Collaboration: The improved communication systems facilitated stronger connections between teachers, parents, and staff, fostering a supportive learning community during a time of uncertainty.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: The improved communication systems facilitated stronger connections between teachers, parents, and staff, fostering a supportive learning community during a time of uncertainty.'s expertise and commitment to education were instrumental in ensuring a smooth IT transition for Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School amidst the RAAC crisis. The company's swift action, coupled with its strategic technology solutions, mitigated disruption and created a conducive learning environment, allowing pupils to thrive in the face of adversity. This case study demonstrates DCAD's dedication to supporting educational institutions and its ability to deliver seamless IT solutions even in complex and challenging situations.
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