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Thomas Willingale School

Thomas Willingale School and Nursery is a primary school located in Loughton, England, serving children from nursery to Year 6. Founded in 1957, the school has a long tradition of fostering a nurturing environment where children can learn effectively, develop individual talents, social skills, and moral responsibility.

Challenge: Thomas Willingale School was managing its devices and printing services on-premises, which required significant IT resources and limited scalability. They sought a more modern, cloud-based solution to improve efficiency and security.

Solution:, a managed service provider (MSP), recommended migrating the school's device management to Microsoft Intune and print management to Uniflow Online.

Key Actions

Intune Migration:
Assess device environment and develop deployment plan.
Migrate devices to Intune and configure security policies.
Deploy applications through Intune.
Uniflow Online Migration:
Assess printing infrastructure and configure Uniflow Online.
Migrate printing services and train staff and students.

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What We Did For Them

We collaborated with Thomas Willingale School to assess their current device and print management setup, including devices, security, and printing infrastructure. Based on this assessment, we developed a tailored migration plan, encompassing:

  • Intune deployment: Enrolling devices, configuring security, and deploying applications.

  • Migration and training: Migrating printing services and comprehensively training staff and students.

  • Uniflow Online integration: Seamlessly connecting Uniflow Online to the school's existing systems.

  • This collaborative approach ensured a smooth transition and empowered TWS to focus on their core mission.


Thomas Willingale School experienced significant improvements in efficiency, security, and scalability of their IT infrastructure through the migration to Microsoft Intune and Uniflow Online, facilitated by This resulted in:

  • Reduced IT management time: By automating device and print management tasks.

  • Enhanced device security: Intune's security policies ensured consistent device security across the school, reducing the risk of malware and unauthorised access.

  • Increased scalability: Cloud-based solutions eliminated the need for on-premises servers, allowing TWS to accommodate future growth without significant infrastructure investment.

  • Improved user experience: Intune and Uniflow Online provided a user-friendly experience for staff and students, simplifying device and printing needs.

By addressing these critical areas,'s solution empowered TWS to create a more efficient, secure, and scalable learning environment, allowing them to dedicate more resources to their core mission of educating and nurturing their students.

In conclusion, the migration to Intune and Uniflow Online, facilitated by, proved to be a strategic success for Thomas Willingale School. This comprehensive solution not only streamlined IT operations and enhanced security, but also freed up valuable resources for the school to focus on its core mission of fostering a nurturing and enriching learning environment for its students. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of modern technology and the expertise of managed service providers in empowering educational institutions to thrive in the digital age.
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